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Booking the driving test

The simple and easiest wat to book your driving test is online.


If you want to book your driving test online there are no hidden fees when using the official dvsa online booking service at :

The cost of a driving test is £62.00 on weekdays

                                                    at weekends

Changing or Cancelling a driving test

You are required to give a minimum of 3 clear working days notice of your decision to change or cancel the test, otherwise you will lose your test fee and will have to pay again. If you are unwell on the day of the tes and can get a doctors note, the DVSA will refund the test fee.

Special Requirements

The DVSA are required to make every effort to ensure that all candidates can take the driving test. However, it is impotant that you let them know this when booking the test.

If you are disabled you will recieve the same test, however, more time will be allocated so that you can explain the nature of your disability and describe any special adaptations fited to your vehicle.

At the test centre

You must take the following items with you to the test centre:


-Your theory test pass certificate.

-Your photocard driving licence.

It is extremely important that you arrive in good time at the test centre so that your documents can be checked. if you arrive more than a few minutes after the start time you will not be allowed to sit the test and you will lose your test fee, and will have to pay again.

Your test vehicle

Most learner drivers decide to use their instructors car. The vehicle you intend to drive must be legally roadworthy, have a current MOT certificate (if required), and be fully covered by insurance for its present use and for you to drive. You will be asked to sign a declaration, at the start of the test, to say the cars insurance is in order. The test wiill not be conducted if you are unwilling to do this. Hire cars are unlikely to be insured for this purpose.

Your test vehicle MUST also be taxed and MUST display L-plates to the front and rear (learner drivers only). Your vehicle must also have a properly fitted head restraint and a rear-view mirror for use of the examiner.








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