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The Theory Test

The theory test must be passed BEFORE a drivng test can be taken.


This test is in 2 parts:

1. multiple choice


This is a test of 50 questions which are displayed on a touch screen computer and you choose your answer by simply touching the screen.


To pass this part you must score  43/50.

2. hazard perception test


This part of the test is testing your ability to spot potential hazrds on the road.


You watch 14 videos clips, about a minute each, and when you spot a hazard, click the mouse button.


To pass this part you must score 44/75.

note :  Both these tests are take at the same sitting, you must pass both parts together to pass the theory test.

If you would like to book a theory test the price is £23, click on the official link below.

Click here to book your theory test

Your training for this tests

Although you can study for the theory test in your own time, you will be taught how the test works and help with this study while on your driving lessons.

This is undertaken in the form of Hazard perception skills while driving and verbal testing of questions during your training.

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